Bigg Boss: Ep 24: No Food For The Inmates

By - September 29, 2021 - 10:00 AM IST

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After the nominations episode, the task follows in the Bigg Boss house. The task in the fourth week is not only surprising and interesting but also engaging and creative. The following are some of the interesting highlights in the Bigg Boss house on Tuesday.


The aftereffects of nominations are clearly visible in the Bigg Boss house.


Ravi continued his discussion with Natraj about who the Gunta Nakka is in the house. Ravi mentioned that it is haunting him totally.


Kajal is also upset with Ravi for nominating her and using the word 'physical'. She stopped talking to him and is hating him completely.


Sapatu Etu Ledu from Akali Rajyam is the wake up song.


Gelavalante Taggalsindhe is the task in the house on Tuesday. According to the task, Bigg Boss noted down the weights of all the individual contestants in the house. Later, he told that the inmates should lose weight in two days. In between this, he is going to give challenges and temptations to the inmates which will help the inmates in winning the game. Bigg Boss has taken away all the food from the house.


Siri - Shanmukh & Kajal - Jessie & Sreeram - Hamida & Natraj - Lobo & Priya - Priyanka & Ravi - Vishwa & Anne - Swetaa & Sunny - Maanas are the pairs to play the task.


The first challenge was won by Sreeram & Hamida. They played a task against Natraj & Lobo. Sreeram won the task successfully, with the help of Hamida.


Vishwa has got the first temptation (food) since he is unwell.


Upcoming Episode: Jessie & Kajal pair will lose a chance to fight for the captaincy!

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