Bigg Boss: Episode 70: Sunny Is Guilty

By - November 14, 2021 - 10:05 AM IST

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Nagarjuna is back on Saturday's episode to talk about the fights in the Bigg Boss house in the tenth week. Nag discussed all the key issues and the following are the major highlights of the episode.

Nagarjuna played a game called FIR with the inmates. During the game, one housemate will have to file an FIR on a fellow inmate by making a point/allegation. The house will decide who is guilty based on their arguments.

Anee - FIR on Kajal - Kajal is guilty
Kajal - FIR on Anee - Anee not guilty
Maanas - FIR on Anee - Anee not guilty
Shanmukh, Ravi, Siri - FIR on Sunny - Sunny guilty
Sreeram - FIR on Pinky - Pinky is guilty & not guilty
Pinky - FIR on Maanas - Maanas is not guilty
Sunny - FIR on Siri - Siri is not guilty

The house collectively felt that Sunny is guilty of his behavior during the task. Nagarjuna played videos to prove that Sunny used objectionable words against Siri and Shanmukh. Sunny apologized to Shanmukh but he is not completely okay with the fact that he did wrong. He is still defending himself and looking at the house where they cornered him.

Sunny will have to wear a board, carrying the text Guilty until further notice from Bigg Boss.

Jessie's health is not getting better and further investigations will be done on him to analyze his condition.

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