Bigg Boss Non-Stop: Rumored List of Contestants

By - February 17, 2022 - 01:06 PM IST

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Bigg Boss fans have been eagerly waiting for the much-awaited sixth season which is going to come up with a different concept this time. We already know that instead of TV, this Bigg Boss will stream live on the platform.


But who is going to participate in Bigg Boss season 6 has now become a hot topic in the industry. Though we have been hearing so many rumors regarding the same, the official announcement is yet to come out. However, here is the list of candidates who are likely to be a part of Bigg Boss season 6.


Here is the contestants list of Bigg Boss season 6:


1. Mumaith Khan (season 1)

2. Dhanraj (season 1)

3. Aadarsh (season 1)

4. Tanish (season 2)

5. Ashu Reddy (season 3)

6. Mahesh Vitta (season 3)

7. Ariyana (season 4)

8. Akhil Sarthak (season 4)

9. Sarayu (season 5)

10. Hamida (season 5)

11. Nataraj Master (season 5

12. Youtuber Nikhil

13. Anchor Shiva

14. Anchor Shravanthi

15. RJ Chaitu

16. Mister India 2021 model Anil Rathod

17. Bumchik Bubloo

18. Chicha Charles

19. Model and Actress Mithra Sharma


On the other hand, Bigg Boss season 6 will commence from 25th of this month. We have to wait for a few more days to get clarity regarding the contestants list.

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