Bigg Boss Episode 82 Highlights: Bindu, Siva & Golden Tick

By - May 06, 2022 - 10:05 AM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing to 'Maaro Maaro' song. Akhil says that Nataraj became very emotional and started throwing dialogues when he was trying to distract him in the task. Anchor Ravi enters the Bigg Boss house and talked to the housemates. Ravi made Anil, Mithra, Nataraj, and Shiva enact the terrace scene from 'Arjun Reddy'.


Ravi divided Akhil-Bindu, Nataraj-Shiva, Baba Bhaskar-Ariyana, and Ashu-Mithra into teams and they have to bring the items he said and keep them in the basket. Anil and Ravi are the sanchalaks. Mithra-Ashu gets out of the task followed by Baba Bhaskar-Ariyana and Akhil-Bindu making Shiva-Nataraj the winners of the task. The house voted that Shiva should get the mystery box.


Ravi imitated the housemates, talked about plus and minus points, and encouraged everyone. Bigg Boss started the task where the housemates have to unwind the rope from the bench and wind it to the pole with their body. Baba Bhaskar played the task on behalf of Mithra. Shiva won the task and said that he will use the mystery box for himself. The gift said that Shiva can swap his rank with another.


Shiva said that he want to swap it with Bindu saying that everyone are playing the game except her. Bindu gets hurt and said that she doesn't want to take it. Shiva apologized to Bindu and requested her to take it. Bindu also becomes the contender for the 'Eviction Free Pass'. While talking to Mithra, Nataraj said that he made Ravi win a dance show but he played a game on him when they were in Bigg Boss house together.

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