Bigg Boss Episode 92 Highlights: Ariyana gets vote appeal

By - May 15, 2022 - 10:45 AM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing to 'Gola Pettinaadiro' song. Baba Bhaskar asked Shiva who will get evicted this week but the latter says that he has no idea. Bigg Boss gave another task that the housemates have to fill their containers with milk from a cow and fill it in their bottles. The one who fills more bottles will win the task and get a chance to appeal for vote.


Baba Bhaskar and Anil gets out after the first round. Akhil and Nataraj argue. Akhil says that Nataraj doesn't get satisfied and Nataraj says that Akhil is getting satisfied by making others fail. The duo shout at each other and Nataraj makes harsh statements again. Bindu and Mithra gets out from the second round. Bigg Boss reduces the number of cans in each round.


While talking to Anil, Akhil says that he got hurt as Nataraj is holding his hands and is not allowing him to collect the task. Nataraj says to Baba Bhaskar that Akhil has never supported him. '9 Hours' team Ravi, Madhushalini, and Tarak enter the Bigg Boss house. They make the housemates play a treasure hunt like game. They also explain about their upcoming web series '9 Hours'.


The guests asked the housemates to have fun and start their days with good things about each other instead of fighting. Akhil and Mithra talk about how Nataraj is physically and mentally hurting others. Shiva does his vote appeal and requested the fans to vote for him. Bigg Boss gave the housemates who done a vote appeal to pick a housemate and they picked Ariyana who also does her appeal and requested the fans to vote for her.

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