Bigg Boss Episode 93 Highlights: Show enters the finale week!

By - May 16, 2022 - 10:52 AM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna's dashing entry with 'Panja' song. Nagarjuna wished Anil a very happy birthday and sent prawn biryani and gave it first to Ariyana. Nagarjuna showed the video of Ariyana falling near the boiling tea and getting hurt. Nag said that Ariyana is very stupid for making that mistake but still strong to play the game even though she is hurt. Nag said that Baba Bhaskar is also 10% wrong as he didn't stop her and is also wrong for climbing the property during the nominations.


Nagarjuna asked Nataraj about his behavior and he said that he got hurt as god is not even helping him. Nag raised a point that Nataraj did very less efforts for Akhil and Baba Bhaskar as well. Akhil said that he wanted to give the vote appeal to the one who supported him fully which is why he gave it to Anil. Nag scolded Nataraj for asking god to kill him and said that he is not setting a good example for his daughter as well.


Nagarjuna also scolded Nataraj for saying Bindu's father failed and also bringing up the states and industries matter. Nagarjuna also made Bindu apologize to Nataraj for disrespecting his age. Nagarjuna asked the housemates to say their regrets. Nataraj said that he regrets bringing Bindu's father. Shiva said that he regrets the nominations that happened with Sarayu. Ariyana said that she regrets her overexcitement. Akhil said that he regrets saying the bathroom topic with Bindu.


Mithra said that she regrets self-harming. Baba Bhaskar says that he regrets the way he shouted on Anil. Anil says that he regrets losing the captaincy badge. Bindu says that she regrets mistaking some words. The housemates have to dance with the property picked by Nagarjuna. Nataraj and Baba Bhaskar started the task and danced with belly dance props.


Bindu and Shiva danced with poles. Anil and Mithra danced with pots. Akhil and Shiva dance with chairs. Shiva and Anil dance with bottles. Nataraj and Mithra danced with a snake crown prop. Akhil and Shiva dance with lungis. Shiva and Bindu dance with tiger masks. Mithra and Nataraj dance with sarees.


Nagarjuna asked the housemates to give winning speeches of other housemates. Bindu gave Akhil's winning speech. Nataraj gave Bindu's winning speech. Shiva gave Mithra's winning speech. Mithra gave Shiva's winning speech. Ariyana gave Baba Bhaskar's winning speech. Anil gave Ariyana's winning speech. Baba Bhaskar gave Nataraj's winning speech. Akhil gave Anil's winning speech.


Nataraj, Baba Bhaskar, and Anil are in danger. Nagarjuna asked Baba Bhaskar to use his eviction free pass either for himself or Anil or Nataraj. The housemates gave suggestions to Baba Bhaskar. Baba Bhaskar says that he will use it for himself and he becomes safe.


Nataraj and Anil are in the danger zone. Nag asked the top 5 finalists to pour water in the beakers of the housemate who doesn't deserve to be in the finals.


Ariyana, Bindu, Mithra, and Shiva poured water for Nataraj and Akhil poured water for Anil. Nataraj gets evicted from the Bigg Boss house. He cries and says that there is no place for genuine people like him in Bigg Boss and only people with masks will survive. Nagarjuna gave clarity that Nataraj got less votes this week and the finalists pouring water is just gameplay.


Nagarjuna asked Nataraj to compare the housemates with animals. Nataraj said Akhil is a racehorse and good gamer, Ariyana is a disloyal dog, Bindu is a snake, Shiva is a chamomile, and Mithra is a cat on the wall and Baba Bhaskar is a buffalo. Akhil wished Monal on her birthday. Bindu, Akhil, Shiva, Ariyana, Mithra, Baba Bhaskar, and Anil becomes the top 7 finalists of Bigg Boss Non-Stop. They all dance for various songs.

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