Team RRR goes back on that plan!

By - May 19, 2022 - 06:00 PM IST

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KGF: Chapter 2 was recently made available on Amazon Prime Video but it is not free. The audience should pay an amount to watch the film. Existing prime subscribers should also pay for the movie as of now. We still don't know when will it be made free to watch for the existing subscribers.


Meanwhile, this strategy is getting a negative response from the audience. They are not welcoming this move. They feel that OTT platforms are playing a new game to loot the public. They are questioning why should the existing customers have to pay to watch the film.


On the flip side, another biggie RRR is also gearing up for a digital premiere on the pay-per-view model. It will be available on Zee5 from May 20. After seeing the negative response to KGF's digital premiere, RRR will be made available for free now. Anyone who has a subscription to the app can watch it for free.

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