'I find the word pan-Indian funny,' says Siddharth

By - May 20, 2022 - 04:04 PM IST

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Actor Siddharth who is known for his straightforwardness recently made some shocking comments regarding the collection claims of the films. Now, the actor has again made it into the news by saying that the word Pan-India itself is funny.


Siddharth who is busy promoting his upcoming project 'Escaype Live' interacted with the media and made surprising statements on Pan-India films. Siddharth asked why a super hit South Indian film released in other languages will become a pan Indian film whereas a hit Hindi film still stay as a Hindi movie. "I find the word Pan-India very funny. I have been acting in so many languages for the past 15 years and also dubbed for my roles. But I prefer to call them Indian Cinema and calling them Pan-India movies is very disrespectful to the films," said Siddharth. "My boss Mani Ratnam made a film called 'Roja' 30 years ago. If that is not a pan-Indian movie, I don't even know what these people are talking about. Ask your family about Roja or Mumbai and who made it. They will say Mani Ratnam. But they won't say it is a pan-Indian film. Those films don't need any tag as they just reach their audience," added the Bommarillu actor.


Siddharth also claimed that he doesn't want to offend anyone but the regional films should also be considered as Indian films instead of representing their language.

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