Bigg Boss Episode 99 Highlights: Round Table Dinner

By - May 21, 2022 - 09:47 AM IST

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The episode started with Bindu getting ready to watch her journey and Shiva wishes her all the best. Bindu gets excited seeing all the props. She said that she missed the captaincy badge and also claimed that she is happy to see all those memories.


Bigg Boss said that Bindu Madhavi has portrayed several characters in films but has shown her real personality in the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss said that Bindu made good friends and also lost some but never gave up. Bigg Boss said that the housemates and others might have only seen her anger but he noticed her tears behind her silence. Bigg Boss wished that he wants to see her succeed in her life.


Bindu gets emotional seeing her Bigg Boss journey. Bindu thanked Bigg Boss saying that he showed both her strengths and weaknesses and she can never forget her Bigg Boss memories. She took most of her pictures. Bigg Boss arranged a candle light dinner for the housemates and they have to share their experiences with other housemates.


Akhil said that he got connected to Shiva and Ajay immediately after coming into the Bigg Boss house. Ariyana said that she shares a secret bond with Bindu. Anil said that he got great connections with both Shiva and Hamida. Baba Bhaskar thanked the housemates for accepting him even though he is a wild card entry. Shiva said that he got connected with Akhil and Ajay initially.


Bindu said that she has a strong bond with Shiva and he is the reason behind her surviving in the house for this long. Mithra said that she likes Bindu's game spirit, Baba Bhaskar's caring, Shiva's entertainment, Anil's observation skills, Ariyana's naughtiness. She also thanked Akhil for always taking a good initiative with her. The housemates danced to various songs.

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