Bigg Boss: S6: E27: Fourth captain in the house!

By - October 01, 2022 - 09:24 AM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is incing towards the end of the fourth week. Already, three members were eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Now, we have a new captain. Keerthi Bhat has become the new captain of the house.


The episode started with an argument between Revanth and Adi Reddy over punishments., When Adi Reddy suggested a punishment to Revanth, the latter argued, mentioning that he ignored to give punishment to others.


Later, the first level of the captaincy task, Punch Padudhi resumed.


Inaya disqualified Shrihan

Shrihan disqualified Rohith

Arjun Kalyan disqualified Arohi


Sri Satya, Sudeepa and Keerthi Bhat entered the next level of the captaincy task called Blockbuster Captain. In this task, Keerthi Bhat tasted a victory. She has become the fourth captain of the Bigg Boss house. No one expected that she would become the captain of the house.


For the worst performer selection, the following is the result.


Faima - Arjun Kalyan

Adi Reddy - Chalaki Chanti

Rajasekhar - Geethu Royal

Sudeepa - Arjun Kalyan

Arjun - Chalaki Chanti

Shrihan - Keerthi Bhat

LV Revanth - Inaya Sulthana

Arohi Rao - Arjun Kalyan

Keerthi Bhat - Arjun Kalyan

Baladithya - Chalaki Chanti

RJ Surya - Arjun Kalyan

Arjun Kalyan - Chalaki Chanti

Rohith-Marina - Arjun Kalyan

Sri Satya - Faima

Inaya Sulthana - Chalaki Chanti

Geethu Royal - Chalaki Chanti

Vasanthi Krishna - Rajasekhar


Arjun Kalyan is sent to jail as he got many votes as worst performer.

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