Bigg Boss: S6: E29: Dusshera Celebrations in the house

By - October 03, 2022 - 09:13 AM IST

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It's Sunday and a Fun day in the Bigg Boss house. Dusshera celebrations rang in the house. It was a special and lengthy episode with multiple games and challenges.


Before the games and challenges have began, Nagarjuna gave a clarity on Keerthi-Chanti issue regarding Chanti's statement that Keerthi was working only to be seen in the cameras.


Later, the housemates revealed who is evil for them in the Bigg Boss house.


Faima - Keerthi

Geethu - Chanti

Adi Reddy - Revanth

Revanth - Keerthi

Keerthi - Revanth

Chanti - Revanth

RJ Surya - Arohi

Rajasekhar - Geethu

Marina-Rohith - Geethu

Arohi - Inaya

Inaya - Shrihan

Sudeepa - Baladithya

Baladithya - Geethu

Vasanthi - Arohi

Arjun Kalyan - Sri Satya

Shrihan - Keerthi

Sri Satya - RJ Surya


Break The Balloon: In this challenge, Arjun Kalyan and Arohi Rao competed against each other. Arohi Rao won the challenge.

Throw The Flower: Revanth and RJ Surya & Sri Satya and Vasanthi played the game. The girls won the challenge.

Eat the Jalebi: In this task, Sri Satya and Shrihan took part. Sri Satya won the challenge/

Make Up Challenge: Vasanthi & Adi Reddy took part in the task. Vasanthi won it.

Make Batukamma Challenge: Girls won it

Dance Challenge: Girls won it

Arm Wrestling: Boys won the challenge


Finally, in the Dusshera challenge, girls won most of them and bagged a special gift hamper.


Later, the housemates gave Sweet Laddoo and Bitter Laddoo to one another in the house with reasons.

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