Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E30: Pairs in Nominations

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It's day 29 in the Bigg Boss house.


Le Le LeLe from Gudumba Shankar is the wake up song.


It's Monday and the time for nominations in the fifth week.


Bigg Boss divided the house into 8 pairs. The two people will have handcuffs to them. The two will have to debate among themselves about who among the two will have to be safe and who will have to get nominated.


Surprisingly, Bigg Boss declared that Marina and Rohith will no longer be playing as a couple and they will start playing individually going forward.


A total of 8 members are in the nominations this week. The following are the pairs and the final nomination.


Marina & Rohith - Marina nominated

Shrihan & Inaya - Inaya nominated

Sudeepa & Vasanthi - Vasanthi nominated

Sri Satya & Arjun - Arjun nominated

Adi Reddy & Revanth - Adi Reddy nominated

Faima & RJ Surya - Faima nominated

Rajasekhar & Baladitya - Rajasekhar nominated

Chanti & Geethu - Chanti nominated


Final List of Nominations:

Marina Abraham, Inaya Sulthana, Vasanthi Krishna, Arjun Kalyan, Adi Reddy, Faima, Rajasekhar, Chalaki Chanti

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