Box Office: Love Today dominates Itlu Maredumalli Prajaneekam

By - November 26, 2022 - 04:01 PM IST

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Yesterday, two movies hit the box office and one of them is Allari Naresh's Itlu Maredumalli Prajaneekam while the other one is Love Today. One of them is the straight Telugu film while the other one is a dubbing movie. Among the two, Love Today has showed a domination at the box office.


Meanwhile, we have come to know that Itlu Maredumalli Prajaaneekamhas made only 27 lakhs net on day one in the area of Nizam. The collections in other areas is also pretty low. The film need to struggle to achieve the breakeven mark.


On the other hand, Love Today collected an amount of Rs 2.25 crores on its opening day at the box office in the Telugu states. The film will soon breakeven and it is a positive aspect for the film.

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