Bigg Boss Telugu: Rajasekhar evicted from BB House

By - November 26, 2022 - 07:25 PM IST

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Except for captain Revanth and Keerthi Bhat, everyone else is in the nominations this time. Unexpectedly, it is Rajasekhar who is going to get evicted from the Bigg Boss house in the 12th week. The eviction of Rajasekhar is definitely not something we expect to happen but he might have gotten less votes.


On the other hand, Rajasekhar's performance is actually impressive but the way he played his game could not have helped him. He has been staying away from the nominations for the last three weeks and he finally stepped into the nominations, resulting in her eviction.


Rajasekhar is a model who played his game well and he played the game well in the last season as well.


We have to see what he has to say on the Bigg Boss stage.


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