When Ram Charan was injured during Naatu Naatu

By - January 17, 2023 - 09:00 AM IST

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Ram Charan, the lead actor of the critically acclaimed film "RRR," recently revealed that he had a serious injury while filming the Golden Globe-winning song "Naatu Naatu."


In an interview, Charan stated that he suffered a second degree ligament tear in his ACL, which caused him to take a three-month break from filming to recover. Despite this setback, Charan was determined to return to the set in Ukraine and perform the song, despite his fears that he might not be able to pull it off.


Charan also praised the script of "RRR," calling it a thrilling, action-packed roller coaster ride that seamlessly blended multiple genres. He also expressed his admiration for Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, calling them his inspirations and praising their ageless performances. He stated that he has never missed any of their films and that both actors have only gotten better with age.

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