Multiple locations for RC15

By - February 05, 2023 - 01:10 PM IST

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The film project between Ram Charan and Shankar has been progressing slowly. Shankar is finally set to start filming this week with a song featuring Ram Charan and dancers, to be shot in various cities including Hyderabad's old city, Rajamundry, and Vizag.


The entire filming process is expected to wrap up by June. In the movie, Ram Charan plays an IAS officer, and the female lead roles are played by Kiara Advani and Anjali. The production of the film has been affected by Shankar's other commitment, "Indian 2".


Despite this, Ram Charan is optimistic and believes that this film will be a significant milestone in his career.


On the other hand, director Shankar is currently working on two films simultaneously and most likely, he will try to finish the current project on time.

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