Thaman's strong reply to criticism & trolls

By - February 05, 2023 - 12:08 PM IST

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Music director Thaman has been facing negative comments and trolling from fans of Mahesh Babu. The trolling is unjustified and has no clear reason behind it. Thaman is composing music for Mahesh Babu's upcoming film "SSMB28", directed by Trivikram.


In response to the trend of negative tweets, Thaman took to Twitter to tell the trolls to go away and posted a message saying "Rest In Peace Dear #Negativity!! To all the kids out there".


Of Late, Thaman received a lot of criticism for his work but he managed to overcome all of them and emerge as a successful music composer in the film industry.


Thaman is a busy music director in South India and is currently working on several high-profile projects including "RC15", "SSMB28", a film with Pawan Kalyan, among others.

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