Box Office Day 1: Guntur Kaaram vs HanuMan Collections

By - January 13, 2024 - 01:43 PM IST

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The box office witnessed an exciting clash on its hands as two highly anticipated films, "Guntur Kaaram" and "Hanuman," hit the silver screens on the same day. Let's delve into the day 1 box office collections for both films and analyze their regional and international reception.

"Guntur Kaaram," managed to make an impressive mark at the box office on its opening day. The collection figures are as follows:

Telangana: ₹16 crore
Andhra Pradesh: ₹22 crore
Rest Of India: ₹2 crore
Overseas: ₹8 crore

Total Worldwide Day 1 Box Office: ₹54 crores share (Estimated)
Total Worldwide Day 1 Gross: ₹ 90 Crores (All-Time Record)

On the other hand, "HanuMan" garnered attention for its unique narrative and spectacular visuals. The film also made a notable impact on its opening day. Here's the breakdown of its box office collections:

Premiere Shows: ₹4.35 crore (Estimated)
Andhra Pradesh-Telangana (AP-TS): ₹5.5 crore (Estimated)

Total Worldwide Day 1 Box Office Gross: ₹22 crores (Including Overseas and Premieres).

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