Is Kalki repeating the same mistakes as Salaar?

By - April 03, 2024 - 05:29 PM IST

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With the release of Prabhas' much-anticipated film "Kalki 2898 AD" drawing near, fans are eagerly awaiting updates on the project. However, with just 35 days remaining until its slated release on May 9, there has been a surprising lack of promotional activity surrounding the movie. Despite its status as a mega-budget production set for a multi-language release, no songs, teasers, or promotional materials have been unveiled thus far, leaving fans and industry insiders in anticipation.


The absence of updates has raised concerns about the film's promotional strategy, particularly given the significant time required for promotions across multiple languages. With the clock ticking, there is growing urgency for the makers to kickstart their promotional campaign to ensure the film reaches its intended audience effectively. However, if the delay in promotional activity is due to unforeseen circumstances such as impending elections or post-production delays, it is crucial for the producers to promptly communicate any changes to the release date to avoid potential losses.


The importance of timely communication is underscored by past experiences, such as the setbacks faced by "Salaar" due to scheduling issues, resulting in substantial financial losses. It is hoped that the makers of "Kalki 2898 AD" will learn from these lessons and proactively communicate their plans for the film's grand release to the industry, trade, and audience. Directed by Nag Ashwin and produced by Aswini Dutt, the film boasts an ensemble cast featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Kamal Haasan, and Disha Patani in prominent roles, further adding to the anticipation surrounding its release. As of now, however, there remains a lack of clarity regarding the release date of "Kalki 2898 AD," leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates.

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