Pic Talk: Rathalu, The Killer 'Blue' Whale!

By iQlik Movies - July 17, 2019 - 06:06 PM IST

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Gorgeous beauty Raai Laxmi is known for her curvy body and once again she has shown her oomph factor via social media. Raai Laxmi has posted the above picture in her social media and as usual, it went viral. Sporting in a blue bikini, the stunning show of Raai Laxmi is testing mercury levels. Young hearts are beating with maximum speed as Raai Laxmi’s glamour has turned like a sweet and hot ‘killer’.

Currently, Raai Laxmi has one movie in Kannda and she is doing a Tamil film too. Apart from Kannada and Tamil films, she has one Bollywood film in her pocket. “Showing curves is not an easy task. Especially when wearing a bikini, a curvy figure is must,” Raai Laxmi said in an interview. Yes, she is perfect and she is stunner always in Bikini.