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By - March 30, 2017 - 04:57 PM IST

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Cast: Venkatesh, Ritika Singh, Nasser, Zakir Hussain
Banner: Y Not Studios
Cinematography: K A Sakthivel
Music: Santosh Narayanan
Producer: S Sashikanth
Writer-Director: Sudha Kongara

GURU is definitely a good one-time watch - Expecting a good film than a paisa vasool can help!


Adithya (Venkatesh Daggubati) is a failed boxer yet a headstrong boxing coach who shares a troubled past and enmity with Dev Khatri (Zakir Hussain), the chairperson of Boxing Association. Adithya’s attitude and conduct irks Dev and his lobby in the association who demote Adithya to Vizag where he encounters Rameshwari alias Ramudu (Ritika Singh), a fisherwoman. Only Adithya spots and believes the natural boxing talent in this most ziddi and adamant girl and offers to train her putting his name and career at stake. However, his intention and training methodology is quite misunderstood by everyone including Ramudu who eventually fails to live up to Adi’s expectations and embarrasses him on the big day. What pain did the Guru, his dearest sishya and their mission went through and how did they triumph forms the rest of the story.


Venkatesh: Yes we know he is an exceptional actor but once ‘Guru’ was announced, we honestly wondered ‘what difference can Venky make?!’ to this much accomplished and acclaimed character and film. But Venky once again proved that he can amaze you with his signature given any character. Be it his attitude throughout the film or his intense act towards the end of the film, Venky is the one who can take it close to your hearts.

Ritika Singh: Despite doing the subject for the fourth time, Ritika retained the vigor and gave the character all it deserved. She could mouth her Telugu dialogues well too– now that’s quote unusual you know.

Zakir Hussain: He is usually good but invariably the best in sports based films. Just like Sala Khadoos and Irudhi Suttru, he delivers his best in this Telugu version as well. Btw his Telugu dubbing was appreciable too.

The rest of the characters including Mumtaz, Nasser, Thanikella Bharani, Sunitha, Raghu etc display their finesse.


Irudhi Suttru/Saala Khadoos belongs to a school of film with strong characterization driven by a conflict and staged by able performances. When it is being remade into another language (Telugu in this context), what embellishments can it adorn? Does it still retain the panache and recreate the magic?

Well Guru tries to check the maximum possible boxes. It is definitely not the “usual kind” of Telugu cinema we are habituated to. With a clear intent and a robust plot comprising of decently balanced characters and their respective emotional arcs, Guru is certainly a commendable attempt. But if you ask us about the emotional connect, it might hit hard to anyone who is watching it for the first time.

There is no single dull moment in the 116min drama– due credits to the brisk and content driven narrative. Dissecting this script into first half and second half would not be fair but the placement is just fine. The last 20mins of the film could engross you whatsoever – that’s already a good hint of success.

Here Sudha Kongara’s (the director) improvisation in tweaking the lead role (Adithya) close to Venkatesh’s body language without actually compromising on the original is praise-worthy. She managed to pull of some good dialogues which also add value to the narrative.

Apart from the above, Guru guarantees you a good story that you often see on Telugu celluloid. Now if you start giving us some better names in the same league, we simply can’t resist appreciating your INCREDIBLE sense of appreciation and urge for Excellency!


- Performances of lead cast especially Venkatesh, Ritika & Zakir
- Story and screenplay
- Music
- Cinematography
- Editing
- Production design


- Out of the routine commercial league might deprive it from enjoying a mass approval.
- An enhanced way of executing emotions and treatment could have placed the film in the next horizon.


Santosh Narayanan’s music and background score were value additions to this Telugu remake. While Jingidi sets the momentum right at the beginning, you’ll get to hear a new sound throughout the film- absolutely refreshing and impactful.


Nothing specific to mention


GURU is definitely a good one-time watch and the narrative along with the performances makes it a worth watch! Tuning your mind to watch a good film than a paisa vasool can actually help.

For all those who are done with Irudhi Suttru/Sala Khadoos and looking for a reason to watch Guru– Venky is your man!

Avg User Rating: 3.25

Review By: Sreeram Ch


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