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By - July 28, 2017 - 03:04 PM IST

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Starring: Gopichand, Hansika Motwani, Catherine Tresa and others
Cinematography: Soundar Rajan
Edited by: Gautham Raju
Music by: S. Thaman
Produced by: J. Bhagavan and J. Pulla Rao
Production Company: Sri Balaji Cine Media
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Sampath Nandi

Tag Line: Goutham Nanda - Neither Motivates Nor Entertains

Avg User Rating: 2.5/5
Goutham Nanda Story:

Gautham Ghattamaneni (Gopichand) is the son of the richest business man (Sachin Khedkar). Gautham enjoys his life as it comes to him and never really understands the purpose of life and living. As days pass by, and on one fine day, he realises that he is nothing without his father's money and gets vexed with his own life. He decided to end his life and goes on a trip after consuming alcohol. In the process, he comes across Nanda Kishore (Gopichand) who are experiencing poverty in a slum. What happens after that is the rest of the film's story.
Goutham Nanda Performances:

The film has some solid performances in the form of the lead actors. Gopichand is excellent as Gautham and Nanda. The dual shades are evident in his performance and it is like a change over for the actor who is waiting for a hit from a long time. On the other side, the actor will surely add this film as a memorable one in his career. Hansika Motwani is sweet in her role and shines well. Catherine Tresa is a revelation in the film as she gave a vibrant performance as Mugdha. Hopefully, she grabs more performance oriented roles in the future. Mukesh Rushi also added some strength to the casting department. Thanikella Bharani impressed in his part. Sachin Khedkar is good in his role. Bithiri Sathi comedy worked out. All the other actors did well in their specified roles and impressed the audiences.
Goutham Nanda Review:

The concept of exchanging roles is not new to Telugu film industry., We have already seen such thing happening in Telugu films several times. But the best thing is the scenes that the director wrote to make the concept appear fresh and new. The emotional attachment of the characters in the story is a big plus for the movie. The concept revolves around Money which is the instant connection factor of the film. The director came up with a different concept of mixing a message in commercial cinema in his own style which did work. The message he chose to deliver is also very apt to the current times.
The point that the director tried to convey in the film is new and positive. The director also concentrated on the stylish making along with the treatment. Every frame on the screen is looking rich and fresh in the film. The first half of the film goes without any big hiccups but there are few unnecessary sequences in the film. The picturization of the songs is good. The action sequences are nice in the film too. The second half of the film is emotional. The twist that comes, in the end, is also impressive.  The commercial values are very well immersed in the story along with a good content.
On the technical side, the film unit is very rich. There are some good high moments from the team. The stylish factor worked out really well in the film. S Sounder Rajan's camera work is impressive. The visuals are looking very rich in every single frame. The lighting is perfect too. The editing by senior Gautham Raju is good. The film could have been chopped off in order to raise the pace of the movie. The music scored by Thaman is just okay. Not many tunes are really hummable but the BGM impresses in parts especially for the key scenes. The artwork is impressive. The costumes and styling department did a great job in the film. The producers spent lavishly on the film and their production values deserve an appreciation.
Goutham Nanda Plus Points:

+ Performances from Lead Actors
+ Catherine Tresa
+ Cinematography
+ Rich Production Values
Goutham Nanda Minus Points:

- Predictable Plot
- Weak Narration
Goutham Nanda Verdict:

Goutham Nanda film is neither a motivational one nor an entertaining one but it falls in between the two. It has its moments but fails to engage with the audiences to the fullest. One time watch.

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