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By - November 24, 2017 - 11:12 AM IST

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Star Cast: Anand Ravi, Ravi varma, Komali, Kedar Shankar, Madhumani, Gururaj, Bhanu, Razia, Allu Ramesh, IV Reddy, DMK
Direction: Anand Ravi
Production: Bhogendra Gupta
Music: Sidharth sadasivuni
Banner: Aacharya Creations. 
Average User Rating: 3.25/5 
Fun Point: Your shadows will disappear while you watch the movie (of course, lights will be put off at the theater)
With multiple movies releasing today, there is so much gala around. Mental Madhilo, Balakrishnudu, and Napolean are the movies which have a decent hype. With all the above movies releasing today, let us see how Napoleon impress the audience. 
From the time the teaser and trailer were unveiled, a buzz has been created about the movie Napoleon. With interesting storyline and captivating screenplay, this Napoleon is all set to entertain people. 
Story Line: 
The movie starts off with a nail-biting scene, in which a woman is kidnapped by a group of people. Then the police station scene, where Actor Ravi Varma is the CI. The police station staff are quite sincere and hardworking. From nowhere comes a man who claims the disappearance of his own shadow. 
After all the tests, the policemen also gets convinced that the man's shadow is missing. This alarms the media and the public. The man names himself as Napoleon. He gives an important information that one of the cases closed as an accident is a murder case in reality. 
When the police reopen the case, they get to know that what Napoleon told is true. From then, Napolean keeps giving one or the other tips to the department. A lady appears and claims that Napolean is her husband and his real name is Ashok. 
What happens next, who is Napoleon really, how he manages to resolve a mystery case is to be watched in theatres only. 
Roles and Performances: 
Anand Ravi who is also the director of this movie has done a good task. His role as Napolean as well as Ashok Kumar is well portrayed. 
Ravi Varma who has got an equally important role has done a good job as a police officer. He looks fit and apt. 
Heroine Komali looks cute and chubby. But, she couldn't pull of the negative role with comfort. All the other actors performed well. 
An interesting line well-executed. All the plots are well-placed. Twists work well. But, the narration could have been more subjective and straight to the point. It has its flaws. Editing could have been better.
Technical: Production values aren't that great. Camera work is good. BGM complements the thrill. 
Interwoven narration 
Good Screenplay
Final Verdict: A good investigation related movie. Once watchable. 
Review By: Priyanka Kanoj


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