Achari America Yatra Review & Ratings

By - April 27, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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Star Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Pragya Jaiswal, and Brahmanandam
Director: G. Nageswara Reddy
Music Director: SS Thaman
Producers: Kirthi Chowdary, Kittu.

iQlikmovies User Ratings: 2/5

Entertainment is never out of fashion. From top heroes to newcomers, comedy never fails. Achari America Yatra is touted to be a comedy entertainer. After multiple postponements, the movie got its release today. Vishnu Manchu and Pragya Jaiswal are to appear as the lead actors. Here is the full review and rating of Achari America Yatra. Check out..

Story Line:
Krishnamachari (Vishnu Manchu) is a common man and a priest who makes his end meet by performing pujas and homams. His Guru (Brahmanandam) gets an offer to perform a Homam at Raju's home. Raju happens to be a baddie. Krishnamachari and his guru perform a Homam at Raju's home.

There occurs a big mishappening and the head of the house (Kota Srinivasa Rao) dies. Raju who thinks that it is because the priests and their improper way of conducting the Homam have resulted into a bad omen tries to kill them. Krishnamachari decides to leave to the US to save his life from the nefarious villain. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Roles and Performances:
Vishnu Manchu's comedy timing is good. He has tried to do justification to the role. Pragya Jaiswal has delivered a good performance. She looks very natural. Vishnu and Pragya look good together on the screen.
After a long time, Brahmanandam appeared in a role which has a decent length in the movie. He is good as usual. All the actors tried their best to justify their roles well. But, must tell that the roles are not properly established and not well-written.

Nageswara Reddy is normally good at comedy delivery. But, this time fails miserably. Silly plot and logicless screenplay will test the patience of the audience. The first half is better compared to the second half. Forced comedy tests the patience.
Maybe multiple postponements have killed the interest in the movie too. There is nothing interesting or even good comedy also.

Technical Aspects:
Production values are lavish. As the movie is shot abroad, the locations are good. Director fails to grab the interest of the audience. Forced comedy is not appealing. The screenplay is not at all impressive. Songs are in sync with the movie narration. A few dialogues are good.

Final Verdict: Visa Rejected, Skip.


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