Officer Movie Review & Rating

By - June 01, 2018 - 01:50 PM IST

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Cast: Nagarjuna, Myra Sareen, Feroz Abbasi, Sayaji Shinde, Ajay & Baby Kaavya
Production House: R Company Producion
Music: Ravi Shankar
Cinematography: Bharat Vyas & Rahul Penumatsa
Editor: Anwar Ali & R Kamal
Written & Directed by Ram Gopal Varma

Rating: 3/5

It has been more than 2 decades that Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma came together after Shiva, Antham and Govinda Govinda. Freshly they came together with the film "Officer" that has hit the screens today. Followed by many suspicions with regard to the success of this film, let us see how it is received just after the first day first show.


Shivaji (Nagarjuna) is a strict police officer in Hyderabad. He is given a task to investigate the allegations of mafia links around Narayan Pasarai, a Mumbai top cop. Narayan Pasari (Anwar Khan) is a very shrewd, intelligent and merciless cop who works for the system but through anti social means. In the process of investigation of the top cop's case, Shivaji faces many problems including a life threat from Pasari. Who are all involved in the vicious circle of power game in Mumbai and what happens finally is the crux of this 122 minute film. Shivaji's daughter Shilu (Kavya), a motherless child holds the sentimental angle of her father.

Artists & Performances:

Nagarjuna looked like a hot hunk with chiseled body and fit torso. His agility in action episodes keeps the audience in mesmerism. Though the film is dominated with loads of action episodes, Nag is seen as cool dad in sentimental scenes with his daughter.

Myra Sareen has got nothing to do in romantic angle. She is like any other cop in the film and we are mentioning about her because she is the only female quotient in fact.

Kaavya dealt the daughter's character given to her in very matured way. She did more than what she could do in her age. She deserves more commendations.

Anwar Khan, the actor who played the role of Narayana Pasari occupies the screen on par with that of Nagarjuna and he performed in the best way possible. But the dubbing given to could have been better.

Bhajarangi (Srikanth), who appeared in a suspended cop's role repeated what he did in Killing Veerappan.


The concept of the film itself is an out and out action film. Nagarjuna accepting it is the biggest blessing for Ram Gopal Varma. With no heroine to shake leg with Nag and no other comedy track, it becomes a completely new task for audience to see their hero different from how he has been showing himself in all the recent films from past many years.

We will be forced to see Nag of Shiva time..looks serious, speaks less, does more, task oriented, daring and emotional. This is in fact an experiment with the contemporary audience those have been patronizing the family entertainers like Rangasthalam and Mahanati.

On a whole, the film appeals for many of the RGV fans. There are no lags or drags and low moments in the film. The lengthy action episodes don't look lengthy because of the meticulous sound effects and emotion involved.

We can say that RGV is back when compared to his recent films, but may not mint money at the box office as family audience and children hardly embrace it. The film will be liked by regular film buffs and nothing much to criticize it as it's intact with convincing logic and hooking screenplay.

Technical Values:

The highlight of the film is the sound-effects and much to the delight, many scenes were left without hard sounding back ground music. This has given more scope for audience to indulge in the serious narration of the film. Even the action episodes were dealt very meticulously though they looked lengthy sometimes.

Cinematography is attempted to show the maverick angle of Ram Gopal Varma. While some may appreciate it, others may feel it monotonous and unnecessary.


+ Simple story line
+ Chasing screenplay
+ Duration of the film
+ Sound Effects
+ Nagarjuna

Dim Lights:

- Lack of story
- No relief from the action packed narration

Verdict: The last best treat for this summer.

Reviewed by Nagaraj Kumar.


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