Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL Review And Rating

By - November 15, 2019 - 12:28 PM IST

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Cast : SundeepKishan, Hansika, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Ayyappa Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali, Saptagiri, Raghu Babu, Prabhas Srinu & Annapurna. 
Screen-Play & Direction -G.Nageswara Reddy
Story - T.RajaSimha
Music Director - Sai Karthik
D.O.P - Sai Sriram
Editor -Chota.K.Prasad
Art-director - Kiran
Publicity Designer -Ananth
Dialogue -Bhavani Prasad, Nivas
Lyrics -Bhaskarabatla, Chilaka Rekka Ganesh,
Fight Master -Venkat
Choreographer -Shobi, Prem Rakshit
Presented - Ramanjaneyulu presents.
Producers - P.Naga Bhushan Reddy, K.Sanjeeva Reddy, Roopa Jagadeesh, Srinivas Indumuri.

iQlikMovies Rating: 2.5/5

Tenali Ramakrishna (Sundeep Kishan) turns the lawyer for Varalakshmi (Varalakshmi) in a murder case and proves the court that she is innocent. When things seem to be going well, Tenali Ramakrishna learns that Varalakshmi is actually the murderer and he did a mistake by saving her. Why did that happen? How did Tenali Ramakrishna learn the truth? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the film.

Sandeep Kishan went under the skin of the character. Despite getting a challenging role, Sandeep Kishan has performed really well. Hansika Motwani is has given her best for the film with her glamour show. The way she has blended with the character is really good. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar's energetic performance became one of the biggest highlights of the film. She went under the skin and has delivered her best performance in the film. Murali Sharma justified his role. Vennela Kishore impressed with his comedy timing. Saptagiri and Raghu Babu will definitely evoke some good laughs in the theatres. The rest of the actors also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
Director G Nageswara Reddy has presented the story in an entertaining way. His pace of narration is also really good and will also make the audience to stick to their chairs. However, he has failed to narrate the story well and his narration felt bland and boring.

Production values by SNS Creations are very rich. The producers have invested decent amounts and have not compromised in terms of quality. Music by Sai Karthik is just average. The songs are not that appealing. However, his tunes elevated most of the scenes. Cinematographer Sai Sriram has produced some sleek visuals for the film. His camera angles and bright visuals added more strength for the film movie. Editing by Chota K Prasad is clean and neat.

Despite having a good story, the director has failed to handle it well. The movie starts off on an interesting note but the entire first half is filled with some unnecessary scenes and also most of the comedy scenes didn't work out well. So, the first half became boring and some of the scenes will actually test the patience of the audience.

When compared to the first half, the second half is somewhat better. But it would have been good if the director had focused more on the pace of narration as well as the screenplay. Performances, BGM, and comedy will be the plus points of this film whereas the director's way of handling the story is the minus point of the film. To conclude, we can watch 'Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL' once.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Routine Execution
Forced Comedy

Final verdict: 'Tenali Ramakrishna Ba Bl' loses the case in the court of audiences.


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