Ashwathama Movie Review And Rating!

By - January 31, 2020 - 11:55 AM IST

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Film: Ashwathama
Main Leads - Naga Shaurya, Mehreen Pirzada
Banner - Ira Creations
Story - Naga Shaurya
Director - Ramana Teja
DOP - Manojh Reddy
Music - Sricharan Pakala
Background Music: Ghibran
Editor - Garry BH
Line Producer - Bujji
Ira Digital - MNS Gowtham
Screenplay - Ramana Teja, Phanindra Bikkina
Dialogues - Parasuram Srinivas
Action Directors - Anbariv
Choreographer - Viswa Raghu
Release Date: January 31, 2020
Censor: U/A

iQlikmovies Rating: 2.5/5

Ashwathama is the latest movie in the theatres. Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Pirzada played the lead roles. Shaurya penned the story for the film and it is produced by his parents under IRA Creations banner. The movie marks the debut of a new director Ramana Teja. The film is touted to be an action drama. The film released amidst a positive buzz today. Check out the review of the film here.


Gana (Naga Shaurya) is a happy-go-lucky person. When his sister gets ready to marry her boyfriend, he encounters a strange incident. He learns that his sister is pregnant but has no connection to her boyfriend. As he digs more into the case, he comes across some peculiar and mysterious stories. What are they? Who is behind this? What did he do then? Forms the story of the movie.


Naga Shourya is undoubtedly the show stealer of the movie. The actor has underwent the skin of the character and grabbed the attention with his outstanding performance in the film. Mehreen Pirzada will also impress the audience. Not only her beautiful looks but her beautiful performance will impress the audience.

TV actress Sargun Kaur justified her role completely. Jayaprakash delivered the finest performance in the film. Satya's comedy worked out well. CVL Narasimha also delivered a decent performance. Kasi Vishwanath delivered an honest performance in the movie.

Technical Aspects:

Naga Shourya came up with an interesting storyline for the film. Each and every scene will be extremely relatable especially for the youth and everyone can easily connect with the story. Naga Shaurya sure has proved that not only his acting skills but also his writing skills can impress the audience. Director Ramana Teja succeeded in presenting the story in a decent way. Despite having some small flaws, we can say that Ramana Teja did a good job in executing the story in a proper way.

Production values by Ira Creations are very high. Music by Sri Charan Pakala is the biggest asset for this film. His engaging BGM made the film even more interesting. Manojh Reddy's visuals and camera angles are quite impressive. Editing by Garry BH is neat.


The movie starts off on an interesting note. The entire first half has some light-hearted comedy scenes which will engage the audience. Also, the relationships between the characters are showcased in a beautiful way. The interval twist is amazing. The second half is filled with a lot of action dosage which might irk some the family audience.

The movie has a solid storyline which became the biggest plus point. Story, narration, performances, and music can be considered as the highlights of the film whereas the slow-paced narration, especially in the second half, will be the minus point. Keeping some setbacks of the film apart, we can say that 'Aswathama' is definitely a one-time watch action entertainer.

Plus Points:

Action sequences

Minus Points:

Narrative pace
Few Boring scenes

Final verdict:
Ashwathama is an intense action film with its own shortcomings


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