Palasa 1978 Movie Review And Rating!

By - March 06, 2020 - 04:14 PM IST

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Movie: Palasa 1978
Starring: Rakshith, Nakshatra, Raghu Kunche, Vijay Ram
Banner: Sudhas Media
Producer: Dhayan Atluri
Co-Producers: Manoj Kumar (Media9), AR Bellana
Director: Karuna Kumar
Music: Raghu Kunche
Dop: Arul Vincent
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

iQlikMovies Rating: 3/5 

A cinema is not just a medium to cater to entertainment, but it can be utilized to expose social, financial and political inequalities in society. Since commercial elements are right now dominating in the cinema, nobody is ready to risk social films. This isn't just a problem in Telugu, but in other languages too. But, one such attempt is made here in Telugu and it is 'Palasa'.

Mohan Rao (Rakshit) & Ranga Rao (Thiruveer) are two brothers in Palasa who making their living by depending on art. Pedha Shavukaru (Janardhan) and Chinna Shavukaru (Raghu Kunche) are also brothers whose relation isn't great. They always intend to dominate each other and due to their conflict, Mohan Rao and Ranga Rao end in trouble every time. So, how it has disturbed the lives of Mohan Rao and Ranga Rao is the story deals with. Who is SI Sebastian (Ramaraju) of that village and how he impacted the story? - All these episodes should be witnessed on screen.

It is a story set in 1978. There has only been an advancement in technology, but nothing has really changed in terms of social equality. It is totally true that backward castes are in deep trouble for many decades and the same is presented in this film. In every generation, there has been inequality based on caste, religion and financial status. The director has made use of living style and cultures in Palaasa to weave this story - definitely, it's a unique attempt.

The film indirectly touches the Ambedkarism and it is a daring attempt by the filmmaker because there's a risk of inviting caste-based attacks for film and the main point may not reach audiences. The director has understood the limitations in dealing with the script and he has clearly presented it with a couple of dialogues. The story attempts to show how some people in top communities misused weaker sections for their growth. The director brought it to the screen very bluntly and without long speeches and onscreen protests.

The story deals with the relation between Mohan Rao- Ranga Rao, their political challenges and they enter rowdyism. The political moves in 1970 are thrilling to watch even today. The comedy portion in Srikakulam slang and village backdrop songs offer some relaxation. There are plenty of questions in the second half and the director attempts to find answers to them in a natural way. But, it has a high amount of action, violence & seriousness. The film starts and ends with a high and gives vibration to audiences in theatres.

Like the way this script is written, the director has taken extreme care in picking up actors. He has recruited only those set of artists are totally suitable to the characters he would like to present. Audiences will attract Rakshit's way of talking, dialogue delivery and onscreen presence. He is sure to get some good names. Thiruveer also did well and he takes away all the names. Well known singer and musician Raghu Kunche has proved himself as a good actor in this movie. Others were fit for the roles given to them.

Prem Kumar takes all credit in the making of this movie. His ideology and the way he looks at society are very well presented on screen. Also, his writing and dialogues will impress viewers. The cinematography clearly shows how the 1970s will look on the silver screens. Raghu Kunche has done a good job as a music director as well and his tunes are very fresh. His background score is one of the key elements in the film. Nobody will be able to predict the commercial success of this movie, but it looks sure to be in the awards race.

Plus Points:
Background of the story
Initial episodes
Technical Aspects

Minus Points:
A high amount of action

Final Verdict: A Political+Social Film


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