Zombie Reddy Movie Review and Rating!

By - February 05, 2021 - 06:03 PM IST

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Film: Zombie Reddy
Cast: Teja Sajja, Dhaksha Nagarkar, Anandhi, Hemanth etc
Producer: Rajashekar Varma
Direction: Prashanth Varma
Music Director: Mark Robin
Editor: Sai Babu
Cinematography: Anith

iQlikmovies Rating: 2.75/5

Zombie genre is familiar to Hollywood audiences but it is a less known genre to Indian audiences. This is beyond horror genre and for the first time, director Prashant Varma has made a Zombie film in Telugu - 'Zombie Reddy'. Awe and Kalki are two offbeat projects he made in the past.

Mario (Teja Sajja) is a young video gamer who designs and develops digital games. A game deisgned by Mario and his friends becomes very popular. But, it leads to some unexpected problems and to solve it, Mario needs help of his friend Kalyan (Hemanth). Since Kalyan is about to get married in a village in Kurnool, Mario and his friends travels to him. A psycho scientist, who is working on Covid vaccine in Kurnool fails with his attempt, turns humans into zombies. As a result, entire village is turned into zombies. How Mario saves himself and his friends from those zombies is rest of the story.

The film kicks off with an interesting song 'Go Corona..Go Corona Go..Go'. After starting off as a Corona-based story, it turns into zombie story slowly. The real game begins after one of Mario's friends turns into a zombie. As we reach interval, the village is completely filled with zombies. The first half passes with a few comedy bits and a very interesting bit on how hero espaces from villain's home.

The two important factors in the second half are how hero escapes from zombie attacks and how he discovers a remedy to it. It is certain to think that a zombie film will be filled with some horrific scenes. Apart from those episodes, this movie has some fun elements, thrilling episodes and the director has balanced all of them very well.

With a very packaged script, the director has impressed in presenting his story. The heroine character, though introduced very normally, has got a twist. Towards the end, the viewer may get to see lot of bloodshed on the silver screen but gives a happy ending.

With Oh Baby, Teja Sajja has shifted to full length roles. It is certain to expect some elevations for heroism, but the director has gracefully enhanced Teja's role. His dialogue delivery and expressions are impressive. Heroine also performed well in delivering Rayalaseema slang. Friends of Mario, Getup Srinu, Harshavardhan have made good attempts to cater some laughs.

Just like his previous films Awe and Kalki, director Prashanth Varma has focused on technical aspects of Zombie Reddy. The background score is a huge asset and Go Corona song will attract audiences. Even though it is a fresh genre for Telugu audiences, the director was able to deliver it the way we like. This film will pave way for more zombie projects in Telugu.

Plus Points:
Zombie Genre
Technical Aspects

Minus Points:

Final Verdict:.
Watchable Zombie!


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