A ‘Ram babu’, a ‘Gajala’…
A ‘Chari’, a ‘Fire star Salman Raj’…
A ‘Mc Donald Murthy’, a ‘Jayasurya’…
A ‘Padma Shree’ and now a ‘Padmanabha Simha’…

Yeah…by now Brahmanandam should have knocked your memory doors, but we are exactly referring to the mastermind behind all these unique laugh riot characters – SRINU VAITLA!

With the ‘comedy’ magic wand in hand and producing consecutive blockbusters with big players like Mahesh Babu and N.T.R, SRINU VAITLA is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

Many makers walk in and out of the industry, but only a few (that too countable) can acquire a style and imprint the same. Out of those countable makers of this generation, SrinuVaitla is one among and the only one! With contemporaries like Trivikram, Puri Jagannath and V.V. Vinayak already bagging master degrees in the genre of ‘comedy’, if people are still swarming at the theatres for his film despite of having big players, no wonder he has left his mark and we can see people are already addicted to it!

We knew that he can make a comedian a hero in a film and can extract a comedian from a hero too! And he is indeed the knight in the shining armor for many stars, why ask our stars -

Manchu Vishnu- To whom Srinu Vaitla gave Dhee,the first commercial success and stalk for Vishnu as a hero.

Ram – To whom he delivered a decent hit like Ready and took him close to family audience, who previously disappointed us with Jagadam.

Ravi Teja – To whom Venky was a turning point, who was initially suffering flops like Dongodu and Veede.

Mahesh Babu – To whom he gave the blockbuster Dookudu, when he was suffering disasters like Athidhi and Khaleja.

Jr. N.T.R – To whom he recently gifted the much needed success in the form of Baadshah, which pulled him back into the league from duds like Shakthi and Dammu.

Now Srinu Vaitla turned the savior for all the heroes at low ebb. So, anyone watch out beloved heroes, this is an interesting cue for you.

Right from his debut film Neekosam [1999] to his recent blockbuster Baadshah [2013], he has unarguably evolved as a crowd puller! Today, a common man walks the theatre with his name- be it a star studded film! Clean hilarious comedy, heroines ‘with’ dresses and most importantly ‘stories with subjects’ and ‘concepts with content’ [to tell you in his style] seem to be the magic formulae of his films! [Hurray…looks like we have traced his secret!]. Above all, for enduring the whims and fancies of our stars, inventing new concepts and characters to tickle our funny bones and still measuring up to the expectations of the stars – SRINU VAITLA, the affable creative cool head truly deserves a bow!

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