This name has recently become famous by multifold overnight, which she wouldn’t have earned in years together! [Thanks to her missing episode!]

With the media and fans chanting her name for obvious reasons and for Anjali discovering a sensation other than cinema, she is the SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

Born in a remote village in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Anjali remained and undiscovered pearl in the oyster. Though she was spotted by director Siva Nageswar Rao and introduced through a straight Telugu film 'Photo', her true destiny was made in Kollywood. With the initial success of 'Angaadi Theru' [dubbed into Telugu as 'Shopping Mall'], she has eventually rose to the crown by leaps and bounds and 'Journey' ['Engeyum Eppodum' in Tamil] caught the eye of Telugu cinema! In the long shot, it appeared like she had bright chances in Tollywood but cut to close; she became the sister-in-law of Superstar Mahesh Babu and won brownie points as the right Jodi for Victory Venkatesh. When it seemed she gained a footing here with back to back offers, her missing episode became a major sensation turning everyone iffy about her prospectus in Telugu.

By this episode, she might have learned some tough lessons the hardest way and she must have also realized the amount of craze she could develop and attraction she could draw from everyone!

Anyhow, for Anjali discovering all the less trodden ways to become sensational, she remains the Star of the week and hopefully she doesn’t evanesce early!!

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