When a bony young lad with a long plain shirt and pant (said to be the hero) approached the heroine, even she said “Vellavayya Vellu…Velloo” (Go away Mister) Yes…this is undoubtedly from 'Jayam' and that young lad obviously was Nitin. He actually went nowhere because he is destined to stay and make it big here.

The remarkable thing about this guy is- can anyone stand not one or two but in fact 12 consecutive flops?! But, bouncing back like a phoenix from ashes, here he comes with consecutive hits Ishq and recently Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde to become our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

Being a producer’s son can only bring you onto the screen, but it needs talent, conviction and courage to slosh up in this dog-eat-dog world of cinema. From a stage where he couldn’t even dub for himself to now an accomplished hero with back to back hits, Nitin has picked up the hit streak. 'Ishq' happened to be the oasis he was questing for and from then he’s not looking back! He seemed to have realized what is expected from him and is burning the midnight oil to measure up to the expectations. The guy, who is just known by his dances, has now looks to have mellowed in his acting and his choice of scripts too. 'Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde' stands a perfect example for that!

This svelte lover boy is on cloud nine with 'GJG' success which won the home run amidst tough competition offered by his notable contemporaries. He has big projects with directors like Surender Reddy, Nandini Reddy falling next and apparently has planets and stars also going his way!  Oo la la Nitin!

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