Stars…there are plenty of them out in the galaxy, but nothing like a SUN for us! And so is Mahesh Babu, a quintessential livewire superstar of Tollywood. He’s one star whom the fans and brands are equally in love with [and he’s is maintaining both of them well though].

With his recent ‘1- Nenokkadine’ trailer triggering tides in the T’town waters [about 6,80,000 hits in just 3 days of its posting], he is undoubtedly our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

Any star’s son can be a star but not a Superstar always – History can tell you many examples on this! But, some are born to defy the norms and notions and redefine the rules chart for us- just like Mr. Mahesh Babu! Being the son of Superstar Krishna, though his foray into Telugu cinema was not a bolt from the blues, his evolution from ‘Rajakumarudu’ Mahesh to ‘1’ Mahesh is definitely a paradigm.

Market formulas could not tame his ‘Dookudu’ or monotony could reach his shadow. He’s got the Midas touch which even the Midas would envy – what a diversity and accuracy!

Critics tell you he’s an impeccable actor, branders tell you he’s a smart ambassador, producers say he’s the ace of trumps and markets tell you he’s the matinee sovereign but to his fans he’s always their smart and milky ‘Rajakumarudu’- Ask his lady fans! Phew…what to do… he is so handsome! And Yes... his name do have vibrations…Agreed!!!

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