The moment we take her name, many are left with sleepless nights and the rest with wet dreams. She is the Goddess of Glamor and poetic material descended for the sake of nature lovers and beauty admirers. She’s the rarest rare beauty with brains! Otherwise, not many can stand this dog-eat-dog showbiz!

With her recent bold and gold film ‘Pavithra’ leaving her fans and critics knocked for a six, she is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

Starting off with Ishtam, she gave strong signals that she is going to stay. With Nuvve Nuvve, she turned the dream girl of many teen and adolescent hearts. She made hay while there is sunshine and did films from Megastar to Mini stars. And the rare beauty she adorns is that she fits the bill so easily and suits anyone best.

Can you believe it has been a decade she has been in this league?! A hard to one to believe...right? Well, it has been! But, definitely not without her hardship, conviction and commitment! Recently, with her Pavitra making abuzz in the market, irrespective of the result of the film, she has set the business abuzz and set a new trend of off-kilter films here in Tollywood. With so many damsels at choice, if an eminent writer turned director Janardana Maharshi chose Shriya alone, her aplomb is understandable!

She has sailed through all the woods from Holly to Molly, walked all the ramps and we wish her to entertain us with many bold and gold films. Because, the film camera is deeply love with it!

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