A hero introduction song… a peppy number…an item number…hell lot of expectations…limitations and conditions for a composer! Looking to deliver a sure-shot hit album, what he does is get a few foreign music tracks, get a cocktail mixture and throw at our face! This is the worst that can happen in today’s Telugu music world. In these pathetic conditions, a ‘Leonides’ named Shravan has made a promising start.

His tunes can be a pain killer, a stress-buster or an ecstasy rider – his guitar or his fingers should have magic! He is only three albums old and he is already the talk of the town. Not just that, he is bringing his films into light just with his music – listen to Alias Janaki or Prema Ishq Kadhal albums, you’ll have to agree with us! But, can you believe if we say he had no scientific training in any format of music? But, he is indeed a self-made musician who trained through a software program when he was fighting health setback years back.

When anyone says there is nothing like ‘destiny’, we remind of Shravan as he got no clue of his foray into film music at any point of his life nor does have any filmy contacts! His collaboration with his friend Karthik for the song “O Prema” in Anukokunda shortfilm, his fate has veered. He went on to sign Alias Janaki which was his first breakthrough and now its Prema Ishq Kadhal which is yet another musical hit!

“Music is everything to me. There’s music playing in my house almost round the clock,” says this grounded fledgling composer. Well, we are impressed and hence here he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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