‘Arambham’ was the buzz word from quite a while now. With uncompromised visual brilliance in the posters, shooting acute yet valid questions at the readers, ‘Arambham’ has intrigued the common man enough. It has proved that an initiative can do wonders when met with innovation. The trailer released early this week has created waves both in the industry and market turning out the biggest head turner of the season.

Taking pride in announcing that ‘Arambham’is an upcoming Telugu Television chat show of its kind which will be hosted by Mr. Kiriti Rambhatla in RVS Channel, the makers are glad at the unexpectedly overwhelming response that the show’s trailer is gaining.

-> Lived, studied and worked in North America, Africa, South East Asia and Europe.

-> Holds an MBA from the esteemed Politecnico Di Milano.

-> A graduate of the Leadership program at the prestigious London Business School.

-> Along with a Diploma in Strategy & Innovation from the reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , USA.

-> Was covered in Southscope Magazine as the ‘Face of the Month’.

-> Spoke at the European Union - African Alliance Summit for Young Leaders at the European Parliament. 

Till now we were just mentioning the adornments of an eminent media professional and political analyst Mr. KiritiRambhatla [the suave guy in the posters you see]. What would any random guy with such a premium qualification do? A simple guess…would simply bathe in dollars sitting pretty in some MNC but that is where, Kiriti brings in a difference and initiates a change.

We got many super hit movies upon youth taking up the responsibility of the nation and foraying into politics. We get many speeches by most white haired politicians about the age old ‘Youth and Change’ topics. This has become such a ridiculously routine that even kids are bored of this topic even at essay writing and elocution competitions. At such a juncture, Kiriti has stepped in choosing the untrodden path, to explore the unexplored space, ask the unasked questions and extract the unsaid truths that contribute to the betterment of this society.

A valiant initiative rightly supported by a reputed channel like RVS has triggered the right waves at the right moment with ever increasing hits on all the social networking platforms. And that is why it has become our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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