One fine Sunday, a management student was looking out for a peculiar case study for an academic assignment where he could get exceptional talent, hardship, versatility and presence of excellence, we actually advised him to stop his quest and just look at Kamal Haasan.

Kamal Haasan - A sheer amalgamation of all the above traits and one among the few rarest examples for the word beyond success and close to ‘Excellence’!
‘Arangetram’ in 1973 marked the beginning of a new era named ‘Kamal Haasan’ – Thanks to yet another legend K. Balachander! We were actually signaled of this new sensation beforehand in the movie Kallathur Kannamma. It’s okay…our tube light brains realized it after Arangetram.

The celluloid poses different tests to actors. And even Kamal Haasan was no exception to this.
> Ask for a Lover boy – he answers ‘Marocharitra’
> A leader – Nayakudu
> Classical Dancer – Sagarasangamam

And he is a permanent address for Experimentation:

Two…four…ten…how many ever characters it might be, a cakewalk for him!
Just a few to mention:

> Dual role: Bharateeyudu
> Four characters: Michael Madan Kamaraj
> Ten characters: Dasavataram
> A dwarf: Vichitra Sodarulu
> A mentally disturbed lover: Guna
> A cripple: Satyam Sivam Sundaram
> A villain cum hero: Indrudu Chandrudu
> A lady getup: Bhamane Satyabhamane
> A silent film: Pushpaka Vimanam
> A period character: Hey Ram

From comedy to tragedy, fiction to reality, commercial to off-beat, he has done almost everything! [Except a full-fledged horror we guess.]

Over 200 films, 3 Andhra Pradesh State Nandi Awards, 5 National Awards and 19 Filmfare Awards [a record that still remains unbroken]. And sorry we did not even dare to attempt counting his other countless awards and honors.

Finally, a step closer to Bharata Ratna, it is our Universal Star Kamal Haasan honored with Padman Bhushan - A pride moment for Indian cinema and a moment to celebrate for the fans. And that is simply why, he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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