Child Artist >> Hero >> 60+ Hero >> Uncle [Optional] >> Grandfather [Optional]

This is the general transition or the default equation for any star kid in the industry. It has been the custom here but surprisingly, here is someone who has broken the mold and set an exception. He is none other than Jagapathi Babu.

This ‘Babu’, the son of eminent writer, director and producer Late Shri V.B. Rajendra Prasad has accidentally landed in films and ironically welcomed by failures in the very beginning. Only at the verge of quitting, he was re-directed back into cinema – perhaps he is destined here. When star heroes like Chiru, Nag, Balayya and Venky were ruling the roost, he carved a niche fan base for himself. He carried forward the torch from the legendary heartthrob Sobhan Babu and won the hearts of women and family audience. After Sobhan Babu, JB was regarded as the ‘Complete family man’ (of course with two wives mostly!).

Though he had his own crests and troughs, his career as a family hero was almost unprecedented. And now he is into his 50s. “What! Jagapthi Babu is into 50s?” Well if this is your exclamation, unfortunately the answer is “Yes” but he doesn’t seem so! Well, according to our equation, with deteriorating market, he should have slipped into any of the above mentioned. But, remember he is Jagapathi Babu. He opted for a creative transition. As a result, Tollywood has got a brand new baddie! Good finds its meaning with Bad and a hero can be complemented by a good villain. What amazes and upsets conventionalists that probably for the first time in the recent past, a remarkable hero like Jagapathi Babu chose to become a villain – and that’s like a true professional. Now with the success of Legend, Jagapathi has proved his point. But, unarguably Legend wouldn’t have been what it is today without Jagapathi Babu – This is a unanimous remark! He is already being deluged with countless baddie offers.

Wishing more such challenging roles from this 50+ heartthrob and our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK.

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