Shankar – The Showman of South India!

Setting out to write about Shankar, we were looking for some good synonyms for the word ‘Success’. But, we suddenly realized that there is no better synonym than Shankar. When you sit down to classify films into big films and small films, you know you have to add a new category – the ‘Shankar films’

Well with films with good content blended with grandeur and most importantly, back to back blockbusters and trendsetters, Shankar has created the brand image for himself. And today, if a film like I turned out to be such a big crowd puller, the entire credit goes to Shankar.

Well, his much anticipated I movie has taken head on with none other than the Powerstar’s film. His films usually come, win and go. But this time, Shankar has seriously disappointed some of his fans and even ruffled the feathers of some. Both his concept and trade mark execution haven’t gone well with many. While the carping critics and naysayers are busy picking the holes in the film, his fans are venting out their discontent through their personal reviews on their respective Facebook and Twitter handles. Meanwhile some transgender communities are even going to lodge complaints and stage protest against Shankar.

However, I movie is performing decently at the box-office. This should be a sigh of relief for the filmmaker but can it actually recover the much touted Rs 170 crore investment? Well, that’s for time to decide. All the best for our Sensational Star of the Week!

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