Raviteja – fans call him “Mass Maharaja”.

Well he earned that image. He is one self-made star who carved a niche in this Tollywood. When Tollywood was suffering with consecutive flops, he was the one who gave a memorable ‘kick’ to the box office.

Of course, no one is an exception to flops but one who can pull the crowds in spite of them is called a star and Raviteja is very much a Star! And he made a ‘power’ful comeback with Power.
This week, besides all other happenings, Raviteja stood apart with his aura. The Mass Maharaja was at his slick and stylish best in the Kick 2 teaser that released on the eve of Raviteja’s birthday. Looks like Raviteja is back with his Magic wand!

Along with Kick2, his upcoming film Bengal Tiger directed by Sampath Nandi was also grandly launched this week. So, Raviteja is going to storm the box office with back to back super hits – waiting for his jalwa. The icing on the cake is that, Raviteja is making his debut in Sandalwood as well. As per our inside sources, he is doing a special cameo in Shivakumar’s Kannada film Vajrakaya!

So, this 2015 is apparently meant for the Mass Maharaja’s Magic!

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