Many might have compared her to the nightingale…

Many might have compared her to the cuckoo bird…

But Shreya Ghoshal can be compared to none because nothing on this planet can match up to her voice or beauty!

This country has given birth to many exceptional singers yet Shreya is class apart. She has a magical voice that can take you to ecstasy so effortlessly. Well, these are the days of Singing Idols and as soon as they step out of the competitions, they are into the rat race of making money. Some are even turning into heroes and heroines as well. But Shreya Ghosal is a gem of a singer who is an exception to this. In spite of enjoying super stardom worldwide, she remained grounded and she kept mesmerizing with her pan Indian work.

She is undoubtedly an exceptional talent and Sanjay Leela Bhansali was the lucky Vasco Da Gama to have discovered this Kohinoor! And with Devdas (1997), the entire world got to witness her magic. From then, there is no looking back for Shreya - almost 11 languages and thousands of songs! Guess what, June 26 was even declared as “Shreya Ghoshal Day” by the U.S. state of Ohio.

Besides a beautiful singer, Shreya is a beautiful woman. If not an exaggeration, she was even offered ‘heroine’ roles by many producers but Shreya never deviated from her passion. But this week, this beauty has in a way broke a million male hearts by suddenly posting her wedding picture with her long time beau Shailadithya. She got hitched on the 5th of this February in a traditional Bengal style with the blessings of her family. There was not much buzz about the wedding of a well-known celebrity like Shreya. And all those who expected to witness yet another big fat wedding were rather disappointed.

But Shrey will always have the wishes and blessings of her myriads fans and even iQlik Movies wishes our Sensational Star of the Week a Happy Married Life!

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