If there is anyone who has brought glamor and identity to our Tollywood baddies, then it should be Gopichand! He has showed us that villains can be loved too. He is none other than Mr. Gopichand.

With a much anticipated adventurous flick set to release and new vows of life to keep up, inaugurating the ‘family man’ facet of this actor, Gopichand is our Sensational Star of the Week!

Dad Mr. T. Krishna, a sensational revolutionary director [Pratighatana, Neti Bharatam etc] expired in his very childhood. Elder brother T. Prem Chand, a renowned associate of director Muthyala Subbiah and on the verge of materializing his first film, met with an accident and is no more. Gopichand was in Russia during this tragedy and with all the bitter past, he still makes it big here all by himself – a self-made victory! This is told just to emphasize upon his conviction and determination that crowned him the stardom he’s enjoying today.

Though made a conventional debut, he showed us why he is an astute actor! He doesn’t waver to take the less trodden path. Raghu [in Jayam], ‘Devudu’ [in Nijam], ‘Bhadranna’ [in Varsham] are the memorable characters did prove us of this caliber and competence. In spite of being deliberately mainstream, you can still can expect some out of the box stuff from Gopichand.

He is often known for his rugged looks, high octane action episodes but with Loukyam, he broke the stereotype. And now, we could witness a brand new slick and suave Gopichand in his upcoming Jil movie. Writer turned director Radha Krishna was successful in presenting us a new Gopichand. “Nannu Kottalante Na Antha Podavu, Baruvu unte Saripodu… Avathala kuda Nenai Undali…” – this dialogue added the much need punch to the power of Gopichand. And Gopichand’s delivery makes it an absolute treat to watch. Well his chemistry with newbie Raashi Khanna was equally sizzling. The recently released audio of Ghibran was surprisingly impressive.

Hope Gopichand gives the much expected Jil with his forthcoming Jil! Good luck!

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