He is the Comedy King who has entertained us for years together. Not even the masses, even erstwhile Prime Minister of India Late P V Narasimha Rao has openly stated that Rajendra Prasad's films are his biggest stress busters.

From comedy to tragedy, regional to international cinema, there is nothing Rajendra Prasad cannot do and people just love whatever he does! And that is why, he is the man in demand now. From Stylish Star to Superstar, he has become the most sought after 'father' in the industry.

On a personal front, Rajendra Prasad is a settled man now. With his son getting recently married, Rajendra Prasad has now focussed upon contributing something to the industry that has made the man he is now. So he chose Movie Artistes Association as a medium to serve the industry. He volunteered to serve as the President of an association that usually had unanimously elected presidents from years together. But this year, Rajendra Prasad had to face a tough challenge in the name of Jayasudha. Not just that, Rajendra Prasad was prominently in the headlines right from the day he expressed his intention to be the President of MAA. But eventually,the series of events that took place have kept Rajendra Prasad in the page 3 continuously. In the due course, people have got to see a rather undisputed film personality like Rajendra Prasad making serious allegations over MAA and sensational comments against Murali Mohan & others. He was in television discussion shows for a couple of days talking about MAA. On the other side, Rajendra Prasad was transparent enough and kept his agenda clear enough promising to contribute to the welfare of artistes to his best.

Well, the controversial presidential elections of MAA are finally done today as per the court's directives. A decent polling percentile has been recorded and early estimates reveal that Rajendra Prasad might have an edge this time. Lets wait and see if our Sensational Star of the Week can accomplish what he has set out to achieve.

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