RGV Sensational Comments on Pawan, AR Rahman And Modi

By - April 12, 2014 - 07:05 PM IST

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If you ask us “What’s the most interesting thing on this planet?”, we would say “it’s interviewing RGV”

Because, it is that challenging to nail him down as he got an answer for every possible question on this earth. But, probably for the first time in the history of television interviews, Mr. Kiriti could have achieved something close to the unachieved in Arambham. It is nothing else but the word “No Comments” from the mouth of the genius RGV. Would you like to know what question was that? [Then you shouldn't miss tomorrow's episode]

Well, our questions spanned from the Mega family to Modi, from Rangeela to Rogue technology and from Annapurna Studios to AR Rahman to which as usually sensational answers rolled out. And this time it was celebs like Pawan Kalyan, Modi and AR Rahman who pushed him to unfurl much.

The specialty of the interview lies in RGV appreciating one question as the one which has never been asked before. “Thanks for asking” says RGV!

Well, it will be an intriguing, interesting and entertaining Sunday this week. So, don’t miss Arambham The Show on RVS channel at 11 A.M tomorrow. Don’t worry if you have missed it, you can always watch it on Youtube @ www.youtube.com/iqlikchannel

Watch Arambham With RGV Promo here

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