Samantha's Career is in Good Care

By - May 12, 2014 - 05:03 PM IST

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You might have heard of mothers taking caring of the celebrity daughters and their shooting dates, schedules and remunerations. This has been the most common thing that we’ve been seeing from the black-and-white era of cinema. But, we just got to know about a different league of celebrity management that stands as a testimony to their affection and caring nature!

We are talking about the beautiful heroine Samantha and the person who looks after all the career related aspects of her. Though Samantha and Siddharth are yet to get married, the relationship and bond between the couple is an open secret in the industry and the person we are talking about is none other than the father of hero Siddharth. Yes! You’ve heard it right and as per the sources, he looks after all the dates related issues, product/mall launches, travel and stay bookings of Samantha.

Though it sounds unusual, why will any girl not be elated with this kind of pampering and caring – that too, even before the marriage! Lucky Samantha!

Two of Samantha's films: Manam and Auto Nagar Surya are getting ready for a release soon!