Budget Rework For Big Films

By - September 25, 2014 - 12:53 PM IST

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The prime reason why a film fails to recover its investment is due to the budget invested in making the film. In Tollywood, the reason there are 80% flops is due to this fundamental error. However, some realization seems to be dawning among the cine folks. And the recent release Aagadu seems to have become an eye opener.

According to sources, after looking at the result of Aagadu , budgets of other biggies are being reworked. Instead of going for pomp and pumping huge funds, the filmmakers are looking at how cost cutting can be done. The target is, even if profits don’t come at least breakeven point should be reached.

If the bargain goes wrong then it is the producers who suffer the worst blow. Today, budgets have reached such a stage that even if the film becomes a super hit producers are incurring losses. Many do not understand the potential of Tollywood’s business market and they are exceeding their budgets just for image and buildup. About time they start thinking wise.