Stars And Directors Are The Producers

By - September 25, 2014 - 12:51 PM IST

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A new theory making rounds in cine circuit is that the day is not far when traditional producers era will be gone and stars, directors will become the producers. Since their name will have more brand value, they will do their own release and share the profits which is a safer bet than the existing system.

These days, even if producers put something they don’t save anything due to starry demands. The film stars are demanding high remunerations purely out of competition with their colleagues. So, under the new formula, if a big star works with a new director and script is good then the star will have the lion’s share of profits.

Similarly, if a big director and small star are working then director will have the lion’s share. And if a big star and big director are working then they will share the profits as per their understanding. With this model, losses will not be incurred.

The remuneration might come down but even in a worst case scenario where the film becomes a disaster, they will still make few crores. Of course the heroes and directors won’t do it right away but they will wait for all the producers to retire or quit, then they won’t have any other choice except becoming producers themselves.

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