Can Bollywood Capture Tollywood?

By - September 22, 2014 - 12:00 PM IST

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The nexus between Bollywood and Tollywood dates back to many decades and it involves a large amount of knowledge sharing in terms of stories, technicians and other resources. Bollywood is more like the big brother of Indian cinema and standing next to it is Tollywood as it is the biggest cine circuit after the Mumbai circuit.

Over the years, the business pattern of cinema has changed and a shift is being noticed in Tollywood. The big producers are having a tough time to recover their investments leave alone profits from the films. Even small and medium segment producers are putting maximum stakes and finding it hard to get their investment back.

This has opened the doors for the Bollywood big houses. They are focusing on Tollywood and are looking at small and medium budget flicks. The cine analysts of filmnagar have a suggestion though. They say that if the Bollywood banners can come up with a package of something like 6-7 small movies and 1 big movie, it is going to create a new wave in Tollywood. Already, big guns like Yashraj Films, Eros, Reliance, UTV Pictures, Viacom 18 are foraying so it may not be long before Bollywood will capture Tollywood if they follow the given suggestion.

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