Big Director About RGV's Model

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These days, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is not only coming up with variety concepts in films but is also redefining the business of cinema with his revenue model. One such concept is the ‘cooperative method’ wherein cast and crew don’t take a penny and profits are shared based on the film’s fate at the box office. 

This has obviously led to many discussions and debates. Recently, one big director was asked about RGV’s cooperative method and this is what he had to say “For big films the formula is apt because cost is incurred heavily due to remunerations and production values. So, with this formula, the losses will not be there. Instead of revealing to distributors that fees is not paid films can be sold at table profits.”

He added “Even own release can also be done. The model is no doubt very good but no big director or star will want to see this prosper. When the producer is ready to give why will they stop it? As a result, producers are coming on roads. Of course, for small films, the producers don’t end up in a mess. They can come out after receiving one or two blows and sustain themselves. If biggies adopt the ‘cooperative method’ it will be revolution but how many are really positive towards it is the question. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that day is going to come ever.”

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