I waited only for SPB till now: MM Keeravani

By - October 06, 2014 - 07:59 PM IST

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Keeravani is one of the gifted composers who gave some memorable melodies and fun songs to Tollywood. He ever loses the melody aspect in any of the songs he composes- let it be a pure mass song or a commercial number. While the composer is already busy working with Magnum Opus Baahubali, he has scored for a feel good romantic film Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya as well. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the composer.

Hello Keeravani Garu..

You are an established big music director. Why did you choose to do a small film like Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya?
I don’t mind whether it is small or big film. Work matters most for me. A film would be called as big based on the success rate it achieves. Every film is a big film irrespective of the budget it has. If a big film is unreleased, it is of no use. Shankarabharanam was a big film after release though made on small budget. I am sure this film will fetch a good name for me.

What was the best aspect of Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya?
The story is very different. A girl is loved by two people and the scenes were very interesting. The songs also came differently. "Dhimtana dhimtana.." came out very well and I'm sure it will fare well in the film. There are three main pillars for the film- Producer, director and Ajay. I know the producer since Eega days and he trusted me well. He followed my words and advices. I knew the director since long time. Even he'll gain popularity with this film. As for Ajay, this film would unleash a new actor in him.

Why did your frequency of film music composing reduce of late?
Lesser people are approaching me these days. If they think I wouldn’t suit their trend they don't approach and in the same way and as you know, I don’t sign every other film.

There is a comment that you are confined to Rajamouli and Raghavendra rao films. What would you say about it?
I feel it is a good thing because such big directors have trust in me and hence associating with me more often. It is indeed a pleasure to work with them.

Your songs with Rajamouli and Raghavendra Rao have good success rate. But it is not so with other directors. Why?
Well, I am like a spoon of sugar. It would fetch different taste when mixed with sugar, sand or milk. I always give my best but finally, it is up to the director to how best he can use my skills and expertise.

There have been too many copy tunes in the current scenario. Your comment?
The director and hero often ask about a certain tune which is repetitive. Then the music director is compelled to do so. Another thing is time constraint where the composer doesn’t get enough time to think creatively. There is no novelty in story and heroes are seen in similar get ups. Then how can new music come up? In spite of all this, if there is still some novelty alive, it should be in film music alone.

You used to write good lyrics but now you haven’t been doing it often. Why?
I write just because I like to but not a writer by profession. I feel satisfied as a writer more than a music director. The song “Rupayi…” from Vedam gave me lot of satisfaction.

Is there a budget limit with respect to Film Music composition?
Nothing like that! A song can be born in 20 min or even 20 years and we really cannot estimate the time. Tune and lyrics should be good for a song to excel. Just because a singer is brought from Mumbai, the song cannot become a chartbuster.

In your entire career, are there any instances wherein you waited for a singer in particular?
It is only in the case of SPB I did that. I think he is the only singer who is worth it. However, if there is time constraint, I go ahead with the best of my resources.

What happened to you retirement plans? You did announce you would be retiring soon two years back.
Well, I would be telling about it when time comes.

What is your comment on the current scenario of Audio Companies?
As far as I know, no artist would ever work for business. I realized that after establishing Vel Records.

Your comment upon Music directors hiking remunerations?
In my childhood ‘Goldspot’ soft drink used to cost just 25 ps. But now, it is not possible. If you can answer that then I can answer your question (Smiles)

What is the progress in Baahubali?
Tune composing has been finished. Ramajogayya Sastry and Anantha Siram are working on the lyrics. We’ll proceed for recording soon after this.

Upcoming projects?
I am doing two Bollywood projects Titli and Baby.

Wishing you the best for Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya and your upcoming films!
Thank you!